latest Similac Baby Formula Recall involves another lot of the product

If you are a parent looking for a safe and nutritious baby food, you might be wondering if the Similac Baby Formula Recall is related to the product. The problem is that the affected baby formulas are contaminated with bacteria like Cronobacter and Salmonella, two types of bacteria that cause serious illnesses in newborns. The FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating the matter, and the company has released a statement about the recall.

Similac Baby Formula Recall

The formula containers are marked with a lot number, which is a seven to nine-digit code. These codes are unique, and you can look up the lot number by reading the label. The lot number must begin with a number 22 through 37. If you notice a different lot number, you may want to throw the entire bottle away. If you suspect that your baby has been exposed to this formula, contact your healthcare provider and ask for a replacement.

The latest Similac Baby Formula Recall involves another lot of the product. Affected babies may have developed the infection Cronobacter sakazakii after consuming the product. CDC has issued a report that the company is recalling several different formulas produced in the same plant. The recalled formulas contain a lot code that has been identified by the CDC. If you suspect that your baby has come into contact with this product, you should throw away the product immediately.

The affected Similac PM 60/40 baby formulas are manufactured at a facility in Strugis, Michigan. The product has an expiration date of April 1, 2022. For more information on the recall, visit the official website of Abbott nutrition. There is no evidence of Salmonella at other Abbott facilities. There are three million people in the United States who have been affected by the recall. However, the company has set up a website for parents to learn about their rights.

Another infant product that was affected by the recall is Alimentum. These are powdered infant formulas manufactured by the manufacturer. These powders have an expiration date of 4-1-2022, but they are not recalled because of a bacterial infection. The FDA has a full list of recalled products and has advised consumers to check the lot code printed on the container before consuming it. It is important to note that a recalled product may contain a bacterium called Cronobacter. If your child has become infected by this bacterium, it is imperative that you seek medical attention.

In addition to the safety of the product, this Similac Baby Formula Recall is a serious concern. This product can cause an infant to develop sepsis, a potentially fatal infection. In addition to sepsis, Cronobacter can cause brain infections and blood infections. There are no other affected products from Abbott Nutrition, so consumers should not worry. Instead, consumers should seek medical attention for their infants who may be experiencing symptoms of Cronobacter infection.